1/12/2018 17:59                               Great Crew, great experience!





28/11/2018 11:17                             Exceptional staff - really made a very enjoyable experience!





24/11/2018 16:05                             The whole experience was awesome! Saw a sperm whale many albatross some seals and a massive pod of dolphins. What more could you ask for?!






23/11/2018 15:56                             Wonderful experience around the whale the boat stayed to let us see the whale return the dolphins were spectacular I would recommend to anyone





22/11/2018 11:04                             Organisation, execution, provided information's are perfect! Highly recommended.....awesome end of our honeymoon!!!!!!





21/11/2018 15:56                             Staff all excellent, boat excellent, saw loads 10/10





19/11/2018 14:05                             Fantastic commentary and great sightings of the sperm whale, dolphins and seabirds.





19/11/2018 13:19                             Really good commentary, obviously very passionate and really informative! And getting to see a sperm whale was amazing!





21/11/2018 15:56                             Staff all excellent, boat excellent, saw loads 10/10




16/11/2018 13:58                             Great crew , very informative





11/11/2018 11.25                             Seeing orca, in beautiful surrounds





11/11/2018 11.23                             Saw orcas and dolphins, lots of information, protective of the wild animals




7/11/2018 15:35                       Dolphins being so playful, but also the knowledge of the crew was top knotch





7/11/2018 15:34                       Guy narrating was good, lots to see, crew were on it!





6/11/2018 14:29                       Awesome crew-and we saw a sperm whale!





6/11/2018 11:53                       Everything is just amazing





31/10/2018 13:49                     The overall service was amazing. Getting to see wild orcas was an experience i will never forget.





18/10/2018 15:51                     The wonderful nature , the clear sight of Southern Right whales and the happy to help crew on board





16/10/2018 16:02                     Friendly, informative, awesome staff and nature turned on her charm xx




16/10/2018 13:20                     Very imformative tour saw dolphins, seals, and albertros




16/10/2018 13:16                     A very good experience



1/10/2018 13:59              Amazing view




2/10/2018 16:05               We saw a sperm whale , lots of dolphin and had a really good commentary.




3/10/2018 15:35               Excellent from the front desk through to the driver and of course, the crew. Sighting a whale twice was the highlight of the trip!




4/10/2018 12:52               Host was fantastic. Good boat, great captain




4/10/2018 13:18               We saw a whale, dolphins ans albatross as well as the professional crew on board. They were also funny and very informative.




6/10/2018 13:47               Brilliant sighting of whale , the excellent boat and informative funny narrative by Hedley.




8/10/2018 16:08               Seeing whale, seals and birds very informative and entertaining tour




9/10/2018 11:23               Amazing experience




9/10/2018 13:20               Friendly and informative. A great experience





Everything incredible....surprise was the great commentary did not expect this but so interesting.





Professional friendly staff who made it an enjoyable experience, also the whales, orca & dolphins.




10/09/2018                         Great staff and wonderful experience




10/09/2018                         The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and kept us informed on what was happening. Plenty of support from the crew for people who got sea sick on the cruise.



26/08/2018        Great service and fantastic scenery



17/08/2018        The crew were great, really made a memorable experience even better.



17/08/2018        Great team, friendly, and two whales!



17/08/2018        The guides were amazing, really funny and lots of information that they were able to tell us.



16/08/2018        Absolutely incredible experience and the crew were fab! Thank you



14/08/2018        I found it a wonderful experience many thanks.



12/08/2018        Friendly staff, saw 3 whales. Great entertaining informative commentary.



12/08/2018        Everything was awesome, great staff,!!!!! Great vessel!



10/08/2018        Excellent crew. Boat very clean and tidy.



10/08/2018        Very nice and competent


Sat 04 Aug 2018                               

Great commentary and AMAZINGING sighting of 8 Whales!!!!!


Wed 01 Aug 2018

The crew narrator was superb and the team were lovely. Sights were incredible and we felt we were in extremely safe hands. A forever memory, thank you.



5 Sperm whales and a massive pod of dolphins chasing all around the boat. Crew were phenomenal and so knowledgeable and friendly. Beautiful tail shot to finish the trip with Mount Fyffe and snow capped mountains in the background, all basking in glorious sunshine. Could not have been more perfect!



Great passionate commentary and spectacular views of sperm whales and dolphins.thank you



The overall experience was amazing and all of the staff were great



Great time, crew was fantastic! Saw 4 sperm whales.



Great staff and good quality boats. I very much liked the additional info on the boats



The service was really good.



Had a great time and got to see six whales and a lot of dolphins



Organisation and fantastic privilege of having the opportunity to see whales at such close quarters






Excellent team/staff. Info very detailed. Enjoyed learning about the whales and the coast. We ere so lucky with the weather and whale sightings - 4 and hector dolphins!



I was amazed by the professionalism and knowledge of the staff. It was also amazing because we saw 4 whales and some dolphins!



One of the best experiences I've had!


Tue 03 Jul 2018                 

It was lots of fun! The commentary was very informative and we saw lots of wildlife



Tue 03 Jul 2018

Seeing 3 whales, sunny day wow . Worth waiting for the extra day.



Sun 01 Jul 2018  5              5 whale encounters with 3 sperm whales! The crew were very knowledgeable.



Sun 01 Jul 2018  5              We saw 5 whales, the crew were fabulous



Sun 01 Jul 2018  5              4 sightings of whales and cruised alongside a school of dolphins!

                                         Crew were nice and friendly and ...more


1/06/2018     Staff were great. Very knowledgeable and we got to see orca.


2/06/2018     Staff friendliness and knowledge the wildlife was a bonus


3/06/2018     Great crew and awesome sightings


3/06/2018     Friendly staff and a lots of whales


3/06/2018     Unique experience


4/06/2018     Was awesome 20 years ago and still awesome now! Keep up this for another 20 years ??


May 2018      Great staff, comfortable boat, lots of wildlife sightings and commitment to protecting the                              animals and environment


May 2018         Everything was great, you guys are amazing! Enjoyed the whales and the dolphins so much.


May 2018         "Beautiful day spent between wales and dolphins with an amazing crew. Best money i ever spent. Thanks a lot."


May 2018       So friendly and interesting staff ! Amazing landscapes ! And must off all we were so lucky to saw 3 sperm-whales, dusky dolphins and seals ! Thank you !


May 2018        The staff were incredibly friendly and enthusiastic throughout the trip. They constantly  checked how everyone was feeling and made a big effort to ensure everyone was enjoying it! Thank you Hadlee, Mel and Fred. The wildlife was breath taking too! Fantastic trip all round!!



May 2018       Crew was excellent and fun and the wildlife was incredible, amazing experience, outrageous fun!



May 2018       Seeing the sperm whale plus the dolphins and seals! A fabulous trip!



May 2018       Great staff, comfortable boat, lots of wildlife sightings and commitment to protecting the animals and environment.



May 2018         Life time experience watching the whales.


May 2018         Saw so many whales it was great, the commentary from the crew was great too.


May 2018         Excellent.


May 2018         Great information, friendly staff amazing experience!


May 2018         Fantastic crew, lovely experience, got to see so much different marine wild life!


April 2018         Saw everything we could hope for, and crew were amazing


April 2018         Fantastic staff, lots of sightings, beautiful scenery


March 2018       Everything! Fantastic experience, friendly and knowledgeable crew, all brilliant. Best day ever.


March 2018       Professionally run and organised and delivered realistic objectives


March 2018       Staff on the boat was really nice


March 2018      The Tour was very professional, educational and friendly. We had wonderful whale sightings.


K O'Rourke - February 2018

Had a great time, sperm whales were absolutely amazing thank you


Alessa - February 2018

Absolutely incredible! We saw whales, dolphins, seals AND albatrosses whilst out on the boat! Would recommended to everyone!


February 2018 

Fantastic, thank you, wonderful experience, great crew, enthusiastic, friendly and professional.


Janina - January 2018


Hannah - January

Amazing tour, with sights of a sperm whale, Dusky dolphins, Hector 's dolphins, NZ fur seals and a blue penguin!

Tejas Vora  - January 2018

Whale Watch Kaikoura has so far been the best experience I've had in my entire life. I come from Italy and there's a lot of different things you can do there but nothing as best as what I experienced on the sea on the boat. The captain was a gentleman and the staff were well behaved the entertainment the speaking everything was just well done I love Whale Watch Kaikoura. I thank you for everything and I hope to come back soon thank you so much.

January 2018

A wonderful experience - we saw so many dolphins, albatross & many other sea birds as well as the star of the show Aoraki the sperm whale

Jastin  - January 2018

Absolutely awesome - one of THE best days of my life - saw 4 x whales - gave me goosebumps

Andreina - January 2018   

Absolutely fantastic.  Two whales sited.  Experience of a life time.

Louis - December 2017                            

Nice view of two whales great school of dolphins awesome pictures nice friendly crew at times quite amusing

Nishtha - December 2017              

The ride with the sea crews was very enjoyable and they were really friendly and funny to us. I enjoyed the whale  watch with them. Greatly recommended 

David - December 2017

Awesome experience, great weather (thanks to the crew :) ) and lucky spotting two whales surfacing at the same time. comfortable vessel, good commentary, excellent vibe.

Viktoria - November 2017

It was even better than expected. The tour is very scenic, the whales are so impressing beautiful and the dolphins so playful. Also we saw an albatross starting to fly which was pretty cool

David - November 2017

We had a wonderful time out on the Tohora whale watching.  It was quite exciting to see a Sperm whale who stayed at the surface for several minutes!

Alison - November 2017 

Absolutely brilliant, good weather, sperm and humpbacks. Best whale watch day ever

Robert  -  November 2017 

It was a stunning experience. The crew was very hospitable, even when they were carrying bags of puke. they also knew quite an amount about the whales. 10/10 would ride again.

Sally  -   November 2017 

Fantastic time. The staff were super friendly. so happy we got to see a sperm whale and also the beautiful dusky dolphins. The boat took some getting used to for my 9 year old but she didn't throw up, hooray! experience of a lifetime. We've been traveling for almost 2 years and this is probably the best moment of all.  

Siddharth - October 2017

An experience of a lifetime...One that will remain etched in my memory. Fantastic crew and vessel. Thanks Jay and team!!

Shirley - October 2017

My husband is in a wheelchair as a result of an accident 8 years ago.  We travel a lot and to be honest, usually find we have to fight pretty hard in this “process-driven world” to get companies like yours to step outside the square to take someone in a wheelchair on board.  So when we asked if it was possible we were expecting the usual answer.  What we got instead was a customer service team on the phone who made sure Terry was welcomed, explaining clearly how it would work, and even emailing written documentation with pictures so we were very clear on what to expect.

At check-in – everyone went out of their way to make sure they could accommodate us – liaising with the captain, and then arranging for us to drive our own car down to the port as getting on the bus was difficult. 

When we got to the port – the crew went out of their way to get my husband on-board,  making him feel safe as they lifted him over the few stps, and seating him at the front.  They then positioned the boat so he could see the different Marine Life.  At no point did he feel awkward or isolated – it was absolutely brilliant. – quite simply it was one of the best experiences we both think we have ever had.

So thank you – and may your summer be filled with tourists

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