Semi-resident sperm whale - Jonah

Over the last couple of months we have been watching this incredibly beautiful whale on our tours. We didn't have a name for him for sometime but we can now officially let you know that we have called this sperm whale - Jonah. It seems only too fitting as he is a big whale in fact the biggest one we have out there measuring in at around 16 meters in length and also named in tribute to Jonah Lomu, one of New Zealand's greatest rugby players. 

I am sure you will agree, he has a beautiful high tail that is wowing people time and time again on our tours.

Interesting fact: After conferring with researchers and going through their ID database we have in fact been seeing Jonah off the coastline here since 1991 and up until recently being referred to as MSL70

Photo credit for all 3 pics: Haley Baxter

IMG 7832 2

Jonah's huge high tail

2015 12 11 18.46.21

Semi-resident sperm whale Jonah breaching

IMG 8543 2

Jonah taking another deep feeding dive

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