Bottlenose Dolphins

It is not very common for us to see bottlenose dolphins on a regular basis off the Kaikoura coast however recently we had a pod of them along with some pilot whales spend over a month or so with us. During their time here we were able to see new born calves which are easily identified by the birth rings along their bodies.

Whenever we have other species of marine life visit with us it is such a treat and to have them hang around for so long was amazing.

One of our crew - Jaime Brown managed to get some fantastic photos of these bottlenose dolphins.

whale watching 5.2.16 144 002

Easily seen birth rings along the calves body

whale watching 5.2.16 143 002

Newborn calf top of the picture


whale watching 5.2.16 054 003

Bottlenose dolphin

whale watching 5.2.16 223 002


whale watching 5.2.16 224 002


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