Recent Visitors to Kaikōura

While the Sperm Whale calls Kaikōura home and the main focus when we head out on our tours we at times come across other species of whales and dolphins as they are passing through these waters, in fact up to 14 other species can be sighted of the Kaikōura a Coastline throughout the year!

Here are some great pictures we have managed to capture of other species over the last few months

Humpback Whale – usually we see them during the months of June / July / August when they are on their annual migration north for winter but over the last month in particular we have been able to view a humpback that seems to like Kaikōura  as a holiday destination.

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Blue Whale – the largest creature in the world… an incredible sight to see, even the crew get very excited when we see them on our tours. We have had a few visits during October which was an extra special treat for all who sailed with us on those days.

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Orca – it is during the summer months (Nov-Mar) that we generally see Orca passing through Kaikōura , usually in pods of 6 – 12 individuals. It is not uncommon to see the older Orca teaching their young how to hunt when they come to Kaikōura  – nature at its best.

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Southern Right Whale / Tohorā - an incredible sight to see and not one we get too often. Southern right whales used to be so common in New Zealand that people in Wellington complained of being kept awake at night by the noise of the whales. They were hunted to brink of extinction in the early 19th century, with fewer than 100 whales remaining when whaling ceased. These whales were highly prized by whalers for their oil (used for heating and lighting) and whalebone (or baleen), which was made into corsets and parasols. Southern right whales are now thought to be recovering steadily, with the NZ population increasing at about 5% per year.

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As you can see Kaikōura really is a special place, one well worth caring for and looking after. Please remember that we can do our bit on land to help keep these waters they call home a healthy environment for them, by simply cutting down on the amount of plastic we use, picking up plastic we see free to fly around and lessening the chance of plastic making it in to the waterways the better as plastic is deadly to all marine life.

Remember the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

New Zealand is now at Alert Level 1. We are looking forward to welcoming back our Aussie friends soon. For all our guests we ask that you maintain good hygiene by making use of hand sanitiser placed around our facilities. If you are experiencing any flu like symptoms, please stay at home. Contact us if you have any questions. Be safe and be kind.


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